Product Customization

Product Customization

We provide product customization services and OEM /ODM services according to customer requirements such as matching and imitation.

  R&D Capacity

>  We have strong R&D team to develop diversified product.

>  With more than 20 years' production optimization experience, we can help reduce the cost without compromising on the quality .

>  With 20+ years' food/pet food ingredients industry experience, we have more solutions for raw material replacement to reduce the cost.

Customization based on existing recipe

We accept customers' self-developed formulas and entrusts the factory with full authority to produce products. We implement a full confidentiality system for all customers to ensure the uniqueness of customers' products.

Customization based on control sample 

We accepts samples from customers to match. Based on the sample information, component analysis will be conducted. Recipe will be adjusted by continious test and application. After reaching 90%-95% of the original sample, the sample will be released for the customer's confirmation.

Customization based on flavour 

We independently develops and customizes the exclusive brand flavors based on customers' future brand needs. After product positioning, flavor positioning, and product ingredient application, we provide full service for the customers' early-stage new brand planning and complete one-stop ODM services from flavor R&D to production.

  Production Capacity

>  Spray drying production line

All kinds of powder can be produced
>  Boiling drying/Fluidized bed drying production line

Chicken /bonito/beef etc. bouillon granule can be produced
>  Cube seasoning production line

All kinds of flavour seasoning cube can be produced, such as chicken, shrimp, tomato, onion etc.)

>  Powder blending production line

All kinds of powder seasoning can be produced. Spec can be 10g/100g/200g

>  Liquid mixing production line 

Liquid seasoning both in bulk packing and sachet can be produced.

>  Sauce production line

Sauce in bottles and sachets can be provided.

   Packing Capacity( packing type) 





Big barrel


Big-size Sachets 

Small-size Sachets 




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