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Start your own coffee shop

With the advancement of producing and selling food ingredients and condiment for more than 10 years, Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd registered the Sweet Warm My Heart small coffee shop brand in July 2012. The Sweet Warm My Heart coffee shop is mainly opened at business center such as large shopping mall and walking street. Based on the flowing clients, our main products are taking-out coffee, taking-out tea, etc. We have more than 60 kinds of products:

Coffee: Vienna coffee, camerel macchiato, mocha cofee, kabuccina cofee, latte coffee.

Latte: green tea latte, red tea latte, blueberry latte, mango latte, melon latte, strawberry latte, banana latte.

Honey drinks: honey pomegranate tea, honey aloe tea, honey pear tea, honey lemon polemo tea, honey lemon tea, honey polemo tea.


Iced drinks: peach red tea, lemon red tea, tropical fruit tea, cherry red tea, cocktail, wine red tea.

Smoothies: green tea latte smoothie, red tea latte smoothie, blueberry latte smoothie, mango latte smoothie, melon latte smoothie, strawberry latte smoothie, banana latte smoothie.

Iced cream

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