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Natural additives will become the darling of the food industry

Natural additives will become the darling of the food industry

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For a long time, with blue 1, deputy hydroxyl toluene and aspartame such synthetic ingredients and food additives still cannot get the favor of consumers who dislike artificial food additives. The American chemical society's weekly news magazines "chemical and engineering news" reported that recently from algae, rosemary and herbal extracts as natural additives, is expected in the near future to replace artificial color, sweetener and preservatives.

According to recent studies show that children with add is associated with artificial coloring. And other research results also show that some synthetic preservatives can result in rodent’s cancer. These studies cause the attention of consumers. In the United States in 2013, when shopping, about a quarter of consumers said they view the brand, to know whether in food containing artificial colors and flavors, this group is increased by 15% in 2012.

Now, many food manufacturers are transformation, the use of new fermentation way to obtain natural pigment yellow, red, purple, etc; Use rosemary and fructose momordicae respectively as a preservative and sweeteners. Natural green and blue pigments are hard to come by, but researchers are still managed to find their way. In 2013, the United States, candy maker Mars, blue pigment extracted from vegetation blue algae won the United States food and drug administration for approval. Scientists at the same time also looking for new ways to preserve meat, natural and contain no heat production of vanilla and desserts.