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Choose monosodium glutamate or the chicken essence?

Choose monosodium glutamate or the chicken essence?

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 In China's long food culture; "fresh" has dominated the important position. As early as the Zhou dynasty, has to make delicious fish put together with the sheep, at the same time make the legend of "fresh". And monosodium glutamate since the date of birth, to regulate the delicate flavors of the food the armband. However, the debate about MSG, but has been plagued by people.

        Is MSG good?

 In fact, in the production of monosodium glutamate raw material is wheat, corn, rice and other food crops. Professionals showed that MSG production is roughly divided into four stages, the first phase, the starch in the grain extracted; After the second stage, glucose, starch saccharification production into the main stage, is to use biological fermentation production of glutamate, finally into the fourth stage, glutei acid neutralization, refined generated after monosodium glutamate, MSG is what we call.

 So, the main component of MSG is monosodium glutamate, is a food as raw materials, microbial fermentation, extraction, refined products. Taste organs of the body and there is a specific amino acid receptors, so when MSG after eating by people and stimulate the amino acid receptors in the tongue taste buds, can make people feel and delicious taste, so that MSG play to the role of the appetite, and induce the secretion of digestive juice, promoting digestion and absorption of food.

 MSG is absorbed into the intestines and decomposed into glutei acid, is one of the human body needs amino acids, participate in the formation and repair of tissues, to participate in all kinds of important physiological functions. Among them, involved in glucose metabolism in the liver and liver detoxification process, reduce the concentration of the toxic ammonia in the blood; In the brain involved in protein and sugar metabolism, can be in a certain extent, improve the function of the brain and the nerve center.

 Therefore, MSG there is some benefit to human body health. The United Nations food and agriculture organization (fao) and the world health organization experts joint committee (JECFA) food additives as early as in 1987 confirmed that MSG "intake" (ADI) each acceptable levels "for 'no rules', for international standard purposes, and cancel the right not full the baby of 12 weeks of the consumption of sodium glutamate restrictions. This is the best classification of JECFA give food additives.

      Is chicken essence safety?

According to the survey, many people are willing to choose chicken essence as the main flavoring to richer, and the chicken essence is how to produce? In fact, many people don't understand is: the main ingredient is monosodium glutamate; chicken essence is monosodium glutamate, use monosodium glutamate as main ingredient, add salt, chicken bone extract and mixed with other spices as a kind of seasoning. From the composition of fullness, chicken essence added chicken bone extract, because more accessories, it presents richer flavor. Unlike monosodium glutamate, MSG only to increase fresh dishes without changing the original flavor dishes, and chicken essence can make the present rich chicken delicious dishes. Of course, regardless of the MSG, chicken essence, as long as strictly in accordance with national or industry standards for production, they are safe and the general public may rest assured the choose and buy the product of manufacturer of famous brand.


      Use a MSG or a chicken? You like simple freshness or strong smell fresh chicken.