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The purpose of the hydrolyzed vegetable protein powder

The purpose of the hydrolyzed vegetable protein powder

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Hydrolyzed vegetable protein is a kind of vegetable protein is a protein, sources from the extract of plant and animal nutrition and protein, but easier to digest. Vegetable protein mainly comes from rice flour, beans, but different rice flour and soy protein nutritional value. Lack of lysine in rice flour class sources of protein (a kind of essential amino acids), so its amino acid score is low, only 0.3 ~ 0.5, this type of protein is the extent of the body to absorb and make use of will be worse.

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Hydrolyzed vegetable protein: vegetable food proteins. Such as grains, beans, nuts and other staple food protein and leaf protein, such as single cell protein. On the nutrition, the vegetable protein is roughly divided into two categories: one is complete protein, such as soybean protein; 2 it is not a complete protein, most belong to this kind of plant protein. Vegetable protein as the main source of protein in a vegetarian diet can be used to make shape, taste and taste similar to the corresponding animal foods such as meat. Vegetarian food is not a complete protein, nutrition deficiency, will happen must feed and soy protein. Plant protein is one of the most abundant soybeans. Soy protein meat is high quality soybean as raw material, through the heating, squeezing, spray noise process of soybean protein powder made into different sizes, shapes, lean meat flake plant protein, the so called "protein meat", is due to its protein content is much higher than general animal meat, and food sense, structure, color and luster, toughness and animal meat approximation. According to determine the content of the protein for pigs, cattle meat protein 2-3 times, by the health department's appraisal, nonpoisonous and harmless, is a kind of green, safe and health food. Because of its low fat, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes, the ideal food, cold, burning, fry all appropriate, taste delicious, long-term consumption can strengthen physique, is good for your health.