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Seasoning is gradually towards the natural compound seasoning era

Seasoning is gradually towards the natural compound seasoning era

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At present, the seasoning sales as much as $218 billion a year, accounts for about 10% of the amount of food industry, is a typical small products, big market. Seasoning industry in China's total output value of 130 billion Yuan, or about $20 billion, accounted for less than 10% of the world's total condiment market, industry average annual growth rate remained at about 10%.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, people's measure of the new food standards become more delicious, healthier, more natural, more secure, more convenient, more nutritious. Under the background of the social demand, natural compound seasoning, more and more attention by people and walked into the people field of vision, occupies the proportion of in people's diet life is becoming more and more big.

Natural compound seasoning is compound seasoning and complex of natural spices. Compound seasoning: is to use two or more seasoning, supplemented by flavor ingredients, through special processing and seasonings; and natural seasoning as the name implies: is to use pure natural substances, such as: vegetables, fruits, spices, seafood and meat by the methods of extraction, enzyme decomposition. It is both natural flavors for a long time, and greatly reduces the food safety risk. So both from the perspective of consumers and for seasoning production enterprises will be more incline to favor this kind of natural flavoring.

In global seasoning market, compound seasoning accounts for more than 80% of products, while only 20% of our country, thus, China seasoning market there is a huge development potential. It also requires the seasoning industry in our country more clearly the future main developing direction of natural compound seasonings, and update and strengthen the core technology, promoting the international competitiveness of their products.