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When add seasoning is the most nutrition during cooking?

When add seasoning is the most nutrition during cooking?

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What kind of dressing put most nutritious dishes? This is a very skilled question, when put seasoning is good? How to keep food nutrients in both maximize not be destroyed, and keeping the food after cooking, flavor, it is a big knowledge, then listen to the introduction of nutrition master!

Low salt: successively has exquisite

With soybean oil, rapeseed oil, cooking in order to reduce the loss of vitamins in vegetables, and shall generally be Fried dishes after salt; With peanut oil for cooking, as a result of peanut oil is easy to aflatoxin contamination, reason should be first fryer, salt can greatly reduce the yellow aspergillums toxin; Use or lard cook, can put half salt, first to remove the residues of organ chlorine pesticides in the or lard, then add the other half salt; When doing meat dishes, to fry the meat is tender, in scrambled to eighty percent when salt is best.

Low vinegar: early as well

If after the vegetables in the pot when cooking is a dash of vinegar, can reduce the loss of vitamin C in vegetables, improve calcium, iron, phosphorus and other mineral composition of dissolved, raise the utilization ratio of food nutrition value and the body's absorption.

Low soy sauce: out of the pot before

Soy sauce in the pan and cook over high temperature for a long time will destroy its nutrition and loss of freshness, and therefore should be put in before will be out of the pot of soy sauce.

Low sugar: sugar salt again first

To make the dishes such as sweet and sour carp, should first put sugar after salt, salt "dehydration" effect will promote clotting protein and difficult to understand the sugar, resulting in the outside light sweet, affect its taste.

Low alcohol: the pot at the highest temperature

Fire fish, sheep meat, put some rice wine can be through the evaporation to remove gamey smell of cooking wine, therefore in the process of loading is supposed to be the best time of cooking wine pot when the highest temperature. In addition, after pork stir-fried shredded pork to add wine, Fried fish should be add wine, after frying good Fried shrimp in best add wine, stir until cooked soup in boiled to put the small fire stew and simmer.

Low MSG: dish up front

       When heated to above 120 , MSG will become coking monosodium glutamate, not only have no freshness, and toxicity. Therefore, monosodium glutamate in best Fried dish up before joining.