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Compound seasonings should be used alone

Compound seasonings should be used alone

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Delicious food can't exist without seasoning. On the traditional flavor, some countries are stressed the flavor, spices with onion, carrot. But China's more spices and wait with Chinese prickly ash, aniseed, onion, ginger, and garlic.

As the pursuit of modern people for food and beverage quality, traditional single seasonings can’t meet the needs of the family cooking, compound flavoring has become a new economic growth point in China's food industry. But how to correctly use compound seasonings?

Food nutrition committee, deputy secretary general of China cuisine association, points out that in the daily family cooking, if you are using the compound seasoning, usually no need to add salt, oil and other condiments, such not only ensures the rich taste of food, also effectively control the oil salt intake.

According to characteristics of Chinese diet, food nutrition committee, deputy secretary general of China cuisine association Hou Yurui advice, home cooking the soup can be used in clever collocation a variety of seasonal ingredients, in order to realize the balance of the whole family dietary nutrition meal. In addition, when use compound seasoning soup, must consider two aspects, collocations of cooking and ingredients which can make seasonings help you to achieve balanced and tasty meals.