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The rational uses of food additives are safe

The rational uses of food additives are safe

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Are food additivessafe? Nong shao zhuang said, according to the rules used in moderation for food additives are safe and will not affect human body health, but if beyond, excessive use, is likely to produce harm. Food additives can improve food quality and color, aroma, taste, according to the need of the processing technology in food. All kinds of food additives in food plays the role of each are not identical, approved the use of food additives, go through the risk assessment, and guarantee the safe to eat.

Actually life is easy to see examples of use of food additives, such as tofu, tofu is a Chinese invention, of brine tofu, tofu marinated tofu brine of the main ingredients is magnesium chloride, concreting is food. The Chinese eat tofu brine has more than 2000 years, no problem, very safe. But if not into tofu brine, but when the drink to drink, that everybody has to become Yang bai lao, therefore, the use of additives cannot excessive and beyond, otherwise it will harm to human health.

Food additive also has "positive energy"

Nong shao zhuang said: "a lot of food additives are necessary to some of the nutrients in our body; brine of magnesium chloride is nutrition fortifier." Why infant formula, it is just because of the added all kinds of food additives, from whey protein and vitamins to calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, these are all food additives, and nutrition fortifier, supplemented by contrast skimmed milk powder milk lacks nutrients.

At the same time,food additives also make our food safer. Such as preservative, if there are no preservatives many food can reach a certain shelf life will decay, and some antioxidants, without antioxidants of cooking oil, a few days will be rancidity deterioration, eating such oils must be harmful to human body. Use of food additives is more protection for food, rather than endanger food security.