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The use of food additives(2)

The use of food additives(2)

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(1) The use of additives in food

The rational use of food additives can prevent food decaying, maintain or enhance the nutrition of food, improved or rich food color, fragrance, taste, etc.

(2) The necessity of using food additives

In fact, do not use preservatives have greater risk, because the bad food tends to cause food poisoning disease? In addition, preservative besides can prevent food spoilage, can also kill quad toxin-producing microorganisms such as bacteria, this undoubtedly is beneficial to health of human body.

(3) The safety of the food additive dosage

Without any toxic effects or adverse effects to health food additive dosage, use per kilogram of mass (mg) per day, or mg/kg.

(4) Not to use toxic additives

"DiaoBaiKuai" is the formaldehyde sodium bisulfate, also called white powder DiaoBaiKuai, chemical formula for NaHSO2, CH2O, and 2 h2o. Generated by zinc dust and sulfur dioxide reaction low sulfurous acid and so on, the effect with formaldehyde, concentrated on vacuum evaporator, condenses into pieces and made. "DiaoBaiKuai" white block or crystalline powder, soluble in water. When the room temperature, the more stable at high temperature can decompose the sulfurous acid, has the strong reducibility, thus has bleaching. Began in 80 above decomposition of harmful substances, chemical equation of reaction are as follows:

6 nahso2, CH2O, 2 h2o + 3 h2o + 2 = 4 nahso3 hone + HCOOH + 2 h2o + 3 ch3oh

110 during decomposition of formaldehyde, reaction equations as follows:

NaHSO2 ˙ CH2O = NaHSO2 + CH2O

NaHSO2 + H2O = NaHSO3 + 2 "H"

It can make the person fever have a headache, fatigue, loss of appetite, etc. One-time consumption of dose reached 10 g will have life risk. "DiaoBaiKuai" mainly used in printing and dyeing industry as gathering dyeing agent and reducing agent, its bleaching, anti-corrosion effect is more obvious.