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The use of food additives(1)

The use of food additives(1)

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Food additives in order to improve food quality and color, aroma, taste and shape, nutritional value, and for the sake of preservation and processing technology is put into food to the chemical synthetic or natural substances, products, green food processing should be at a higher level in the production, the rational use of additives, developed a variety of designs and varieties of products and innovation, in order to meet the needs of consumers, according to the current problems of green food processing enterprise reflects, on the use of food additives, mainly has the following two questions:


People tend to think of natural food additives safety than artificial chemical synthesis, actual toxicity of many natural products due to the current detection methods, the content of the test, still can't make an accurate judgment, and, had detected result comparison, natural food additives are not lower than the toxicity of synthetic. The use of natural food additive effect in many ways than artificial chemical additives, the use of technology also needs a high level, so in the use of careful research, to master the application of natural food additive process conditions, not to achieve certain effects and overweight to join. Although the added value of green food is higher, but still need to control the product cost, because the price of natural additives generally higher, which requires the green food manufacturers to improve their research and development ability, scientific use of natural food additive compound technology can reduce the additive usage and update products, food additives, the distribution of produce synergistic effect between various additives, known as the \"synergistic effect\" in the food industry, \"synergy\" is not the result of the addition, most cases can produce \"multiply\" as a result, can significantly reduce the use amount of food additives in food, reduce costs, China recently for the complex matches of food additives regulations may have major changes, the green food processing enterprise might as well be the innovation of production technology, raise the use of green food additive effect.

Food additives is the most active research and development in food industry, one of the fastest development, improve the content, many food additives in purity, use effect in improving soon, enzyme preparation, for example, many products, such as energy, use effect from year to year or even every quarter has new progress. So green food processing enterprises should be aware of the new trend of the development of the food additive industry, constantly raise the level of product processing in the use of food additives.