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What is Food Additives?(2)

What is Food Additives?(2)

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The main role

Food additives, greatly promoted the development of food industry, and is known as the soul of the modern food industry, this is mainly for the food industry it offers many advantages, its main function is roughly as follows:

2.1 To prevent deterioration

For example: preservatives can prevent food deterioration caused by microorganisms, prolong the shelf life of food, at the same time also has to prevent caused by microbial contamination of food poisoning. Such as: antioxidants can prevent or delay the food of the oxidation, stability and resistance to hide to provide food, but also can prevent potentially harmful grease automatic oxide formation. In addition, can also be used to prevent food, especially the enzymatic Browning of fruit, vegetables and the enzymatic Browning. This is of great significance for food preservation is.

2.2 improve the senses

Improve the sensory properties of food

Food color, aroma, taste, shape and texture are an important indicator of measuring food quality, etc. Appropriate use of colorants, stabilizer. Color-protecting, bleach, edible spices and food additives such as emulsifier, thickener can significantly improve the sensory quality of food, to meet the different needs of all people.

2.3 keep nutrition

Keep improve the nutritional value

During food processing properly add some belong to the category of natural nutritious food nutrition fortifier, can greatly improve the nutritional value of food, to prevent malnutrition and lack of nutrition, promote nutritional balance, improve the level of people's health is of great significance.

2.4 convenient supplies

Increase the variety and convenience

Now has as many as more than 20000 species of food on the market for consumers to choose, although most of these food production through certain packaging and handling the different processing methods, but in production engineering, some color, aroma, taste all of the products, mostly in different degrees to add the color, fragrance, flavor and other food additives. It is these many foods, especially convenience food supplies, and work to bring great convenience to people's life.

2.5 convenient processing

Convenient food processing

In food processing in use defaming agent, filter aid, stability and curing agent, etc., can be conducive to the food processing operation. Delta, for example, when using glucose acid lactones tofu as a curing agent, can be beneficial to tofu production mechanization and automation.

2.6 The other

Other special needs

Food should be meeting the different needs of people as much as possible. Diabetes, for example, people can't eat sugar, usable without nutritional sweetener or low-calorie sweetener, such as sucralose or lucid asparagus acryl methyl phenylalanine sugar-free food supplies.