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Chinese seasoning development trend(2)

Chinese seasoning development trend(2)

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The menu type seasoning market also has a good performance, its double-digit growth of national sales amount. Which sauce recipe type in a line to the rapid growth of the cities in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu three cities amount growth rate is above 20%. Nowadays, China's floating population continues to increase, followed by regional consumer demand for taste has also been gradually broken. Such kind of convenient sauce recipe should be formed. This kind of product will not only satisfy the consumer demand for food tastes, and success of condiment category contributed to the growth and extension.

Seasonings channel development

Kantar World panel data show that modern pathways, including big stores, supermarkets and convenience stores) still accounts for nearly 60% of sales. Including seasonings in first-tier cities modern pathways concentration is very high, its amount in four major cities accounted for 80%, the provincial city of 68% or more. While traditional grocery stores in the offline city, especially in the proportion of the county and the county is still very important. Understand the characteristics of the seasoning level channel in different cities, can be combined with the level of urban consumers for implementing optimized distribution strategy seasoning shopping behavior.

Emerging channels of electricity while in fast moving consumer goods whole channel and the proportion of small, but its development speed is very fast. At present in terms of food, and its amount in electronic commerce growth rate has reached 59%, andseasonings growth rate reached 125%. These figures show that dressing in the development of the e-commerce channel is also cannot be ignored. And according to the characteristics of online shopping channels and the behavior of the consumers buy products in online shopping channel characteristics to design the product mix will be open for seasoning a potential growth path.