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Chicken liver powder

Chicken liver powder

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Chicken liver powder is use fresh chicken liver as raw material, through to boil, stirring, hot air drying, low temperature pulverizing processed instantly, is a good nutritional additives and pet food ingredients, nutrition health care. Through a large number of comparative tests show that the product can greatly improve the palatability of food and mouth resistance, can effectively reduce the production cost, this product is necessary to add methionine and lysine and other pets of various nutrients, and it has good resistance to high temperature performance, real meat purity and high-tech technology greatly solve the deposit after a period of stratification, without stirring direct application.


      Scope of application

It is suitable for all kinds of dog food and pet snacks, which can greatly enhance the wind of the pet food palatability, and have good nutrition function, can replace the use of some other animal raw materials appropriately.


It sprayed on the dry surface evenly.

Recommended usage is 1% ~ 3%, the specific amount according to the product of the specific raw material, market positioning and cost into account.

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