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The Role of beef powder

The Role of beef powder

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     The Role

Chicken essence, beef powder, chicken powder, spices to develop in the direction of raw material upgrades, taste and so on, more and more manufacturers more adopted the pure beef with higher content of fine beef extract powder, to ensure that the product of 3 fresh (fresh, bright, fresh). In the production of beef powder adding 2% pure beef seasoning powder TB800, is equivalent to 15 kg of fresh beef, with such a pure beef powder as raw materials for the cooking (making beef soup or cooking), will produce rich natural beef was sweetness and freshness, its use in cooking rich natural beef extract volatile in original, the nature of natural fragrance, this is any essence cannot be replaced, and the high temperature of cooking can make natural beef was faint scent and taste slowly volatilize, the cook the spiced beef flavor. Adding amount was 2.5%, beef extract Ming l improve beef extract industry standard (SB/T10371-2003), does not affect the other nitrogen and total nitrogen in granulation. Own to the high cost of beef powder production technology, genuine materials, so 5 times more expensive than the same weight of MSG. Under the temptation of profit, some beef extract production enterprises in order to save cost or reduce prices, with or without pure beef powder, less use of chemical synthesis of beef cattle flavor essence instead of pure powder, but still in sales in the name of beef extract.

      The dosage

Beef powder products: 2% ~ 4%

The beef extract, cow juice products: 0.8% ~ 1.2%

Thecompound seasoning: 2% ~ 4%

Marinade, powder coating: 1% ~ 2%

Other products recommended usage: 2% ~ 3% (finished)

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