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Beef powder

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Beef powder is made from fresh high-quality beef, suet, by high temperature and high pressure cooking process combined water phase extraction soup extraction technology, the regeneration of taste, spray drying, and natural seasoning production. Abroad is also known as dehydrated beef powder or natural beef powder, the biggest characteristic is can dissolve in water and after water is like the original beef soup, after extraction by using pure natural process, not by enzymatic hydrolysis and thermal response, so can effectively retain the natural beef extract flavor, flavor and nutrition. Domestic powder is pure beef cattle, beef powder industry indispensable core raw material, the protein and fat content as high as 40% above, is rich in beef precursor nutrients, fresh fragrance, flavor essence, its strong sense of fresh sweet, soup, natural suet, beef meat is sweet, sweet is the other flavors and cannot substitute. Pure beef powder is widely used in compound seasoning, salty flavor, marinade, powder, instant noodles, all kinds of soup, chafing dish, leisure and puffed food, biscuits, nutrition cereal, meat and aquatic products (chicken meatball, fish balls, meat balls, convenient cooked), etc.


       Raw materials and ingredients

Beef, beef fat [cattle fat, food additives(bah, garlic acid ester c), food additive (citric acid)

       The characteristics

1 Fine fresh beef extract the natural seasoning with higher content of beef.

 Beef powderTB800 is to use a selection of high quality beef cattle, after the high temperature and high pressure cooking craft combined water phase extraction technology in the soup boil into a "cow juice (" protein content as high as more than 50%), extraction of chicken flavor and nutrition, low concentration, spray drying refined from pure natural flavoring. Its biggest characteristic is "natural" (that is, only the cow was no longer have any artificial material add salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, malt dextrin and does not contain any fragrance), the "cow flavor is dye-in-the-wood" (with natural pure beef and beef juice taste and flavor, increase the thick feeling and permeability delay).

2 Need high temperature cooking for a long time.

Along with the cooking process constantly release stewed beef flavor, beef protein meat protein produced by cooking flavor, fragrant lasting time, use pure beef powder, can make the beef extract natural beef flavor more get richer. And after thermal dissolution, no oil floating, suspended wait for a phenomenon.

3, green raw material, uses the high quality of yellow beef as raw material, and has the advantage of natural nutrients.

4, standardization, quality is stable.

Raw material source beef is safe, reliable, under the strict control of temperature and humidity environment, priority of natural raw materials, large-scale industrialized production, strict production site closed management and health management, product quality is stable, standardized.