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Brewed white vinegar powder

Brewed white vinegar powder

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Brewed white vinegar powder is made of high quality glutinous rice, acidity 12 to 15, with the most advanced temperature control and solid natural fermentation dextrin polymer adsorption process and instant dry, do not add any chemicals, made of natural green product, made from the produce contains a large number of human body needs many kinds of amino acids and organic acids are beneficial to the human body, such as: citron acid, malice acid, lactic acid, its abundant amino acids is easy to be absorbed by human body, often taking can enhance resistance, resistance to fatigue.

Because there are organic acid, more effective nutrients absorbed by the body, especially help the absorption of calcium, can prevent senile osteoporosis and cardiovascular, blood vessels to eliminate sediment and anti-cancer effect.

        Suitable for instant noodles, noodles flavor, food and flavor of the soup powder and other kinds of food applications.