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Biocatalysts technology brings natural compound seasoning

Biocatalysts technology brings natural compound seasoning

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According to the information from the Tianjin industrial biotechnology research institute of Chinese academy of sciences, which researchers using green biocatalysts technology, by the delicate flavors of the natural and safe food flavoring ingredients, replace chemical synthesis products, realize the fish bone protein biomass comprehensive utilization, fundamentally guarantee the food safety.

According to introducing, natural compound seasoning is world seasoning industry development new trend. At present, foreign compound seasoning for traditional seasoning substitute rate has reached more than 60%, compound seasoning production capacity of about 2 million tons in our country.

The team led by which researchers Sun Yuan Xia according to the characteristics of the raw material structure, set up efficient compound protease catalysis technology system, and use the food grade microorganism fermentation and enzyme catalysis technology, completed the 5 l, 30 l a variety of light sea fish bone protein extraction experiment, carried out 500 l scale pilot production line amplification test, for high protein content of fish bone extract, its flavor amino acid content is 35%, 42%, flavor small peptide molecular weight are mainly distributed in 500-2000 Daltons (molecular weight).

Researchers in a composite flavor technology, introducing "flavor material homologous" technology innovation concept, with the fish bone protein extract as basic material, with the help of rapidity nucleotide composition such as, food raw material sources through all sorts of flavor compounds synergy, make the product seafood flavors with rich, full-bodied, long aftertaste, durable, etc. Use sugar modification techniques for protein modification, can not only improve the flavor and quality of products, but also improve product antioxidant effect and extend the shelf life of the product.

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