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High nitrogen (TN) hydrolyzed vegetable protein powder

High nitrogen (TN) hydrolyzed vegetable protein powder

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Product introduction: 

Domestic initiative of high TN hydrolyzed vegetable protein powder, corn and soybean meal as raw material, after acid hydrolysis technology, spray drying after enrichment and high total nitrogen powder hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP). 100% protein hydrolysis does not contain any material.

National standard 3 - MCPD content, total nitrogen (TN) content is more than 7.0, salt less than 48.

Product features:

100% protein hydrolysis does not contain any lo.

Total nitrogen (TN) content: 7.0 above

Reduce the cost. (More than the hydrolyzed vegetable protein powder on the market, reduce the cost of 40% ~ 50%)

3 - MCPD content is the national standard, the safety of food ingredients.

Production process: from raw material to the hydrolysis - filter - and - - take off alcohol to allocate - inspection - spray drying, packaging and warehousing.


Application scope, content: chicken essence, chicken powder and chicken soup seasoning, convenient, soup, meat, add flavor food. Can complement amino acids, increase nutrition, and can increase the freshness, improve taste, cover the role of peculiar smell, can also reduce the use amount of MSG, the I + G, improve the grade of products, reduce the cost.

Added in the production of meat flavor, involved in mallard reaction, provide the reaction of amino acid, the reaction of meaty aroma even more pure, taste more full, also can be applied as a carrier.

      Suggest adding quantity is 2-10%.