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Big difference between chicken essence, chicken powder, and chicken soup

Big difference between chicken essence, chicken powder, and chicken soup

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    For general cooked women or men, chicken essence, chicken powderand chicken soup, they look do not have too big difference, is a kind of spice. But actually there are large differences between the three, which is only one letter short though, but chicken essence, chicken powder, belong to different categories of seasoning. Their execution is the "standard of chicken essence seasoning" and "standard of chicken powder, seasoning".


    Chicken essence belongs to compound freshness agents, standard, total nitrogen content lower than 3%, monosodium glutamate content less than 35% of seasoning cannot be called a "chicken", nitrogen is one of the important indicators show chicken in chicken essence content, sodium glutamate and rapidity nucleotide disodium is a measure of improvement of the chicken in a certain range, the three levels, the greater the chicken's quality is better.


    As for chicken powder, its product is defined as: salt, MSG, chicken, chicken bone powder or concentrated extract, flavor nucleotide disodium and other auxiliary materials as raw materials, adding or not adding spices or flavoring agent such as edible flavor, by mixing processing and become, has the rich smell of chicken and delicious taste of compound seasoning. Without "chicken powder cannot be called" the composition of chicken powder, can only be called "chicken flavor seasoning.


    Generally speaking, chicken powderis higher than chicken essence about monosodium glutamate content and chicken powder, the "other" nitrogen content is higher than chicken essence. Tell from the function and role, chicken essence is mainly used to increase the fragrance, the monosodium glutamate content requirements higher (chicken this standard was 35%, and chicken powder, 10%), used for cooking; And chicken powder is mainly used in richer, more flavor, chicken powder, this standard is mainly embodied in the "other" nitrogen, 0.4%, 0.2% higher than that of chicken essence of standard).


   As for the soup are chicken and chicken bones or its extract concentrates as raw material of juice compound seasoning. The taste of Cantonese cuisine chef Huang Zhenhua said it is equivalent to chefs use old chickens out of stock.