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Instant soy sauce powder (2)

Instant soy sauce powder (2)

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       Application and adding amount

Shanghai Hen Sin Industry Co., LTD.Instant soy sauce powder is the core of a new generation of salty processing product ingredients, suitable for all kinds of salty food processing plant as a seasoning makings, rapid growth is the flavor and quality of all kinds of salty food.

The application in the food industry production

Soy sauce powder in mao-tai-flavor rich flavor, attractive and delicate color, aroma, taste, flavor effect is remarkable, the complex water performance is good, and widely used in all aspects of the seasoning food processing, specific applications such as in table 2. With the development of food industry, as a soy sauce powder, flavoring increase fresh agent with the seasoning effect is obvious, for convenient transportation, preservation mao-tai-flavor full-bodied, attractive characteristics such as flavor, will be applied to all aspects of food processing.

Soy sauce powder is also called the soy sauce powder, use the fresh soy sauce as basic raw material, adding other auxiliary materials, use of raw material of multiplication effect through flavoring, including color, fresh, spray drying and become a solid soy sauce. Its maximum retained normal fermentation of fermented soy sauce itself fragrance, and overcome the anxious burnt flavor and oxidation of ordinary soy sauce flavor, after water performance is good, attractive color, flavor, flavor effect significantly, easy to save transport. Widely used in all aspects of the seasoning food processing, food industry is important for flavoring additives.