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Instant soy sauce powder (1)

Instant soy sauce powder (1)

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The overview

It is Shanghai Hen Sin Industry Co., LTD. research and development of a new generation of instant soy sauce powder. The product adopts the modern biological engineering technology, the mild enzyme, concentration, compound color, nanometer material microcapsule embedding, spray drying, and soy sauce flavor and aroma of a natural, not anxious burnt flavor and oxidation of ordinary soy sauce, water performance is good, color and luster is attractive, has a strong sense of extension and persistent finish. Because of its natural taste enhance performance and wide application, can rapidly improve all kinds of salty food flavor and quality, is the core ingredients of a new generation of food processing industry.

The characteristics

1 It has strong sense of extension and mellow feeling, is four times that of ordinary soy sauce powder effect. Can replace monosodium glutamate, meat powder, meat powder, partly replace the I + G and yeast extract.

2 It owns good water.

3 It is easy to use, dosage is unlimited, and other products use collocation, with meat flavor and taste of multiplier effect, taste rich, freshness and perfect.

The process flow

Fresh algae to wash to enzymatic hydrolysis, fermentation, instant polypeptide extract, seaweed extract)


The natural fresh soy sauce fermentation - color - microcapsule embedding - spray drying - powder products

Important indicator

     Protein content of 15% or higher free amino acid nitrogen 1.5% sodium chloride or 10% or less .