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Consumption upgrade drive the Seasoning market (2)

Consumption upgrade drive the Seasoning market (2)

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(一)Seasoning consumption upgrade to the third stage

The development of Chinese spice basically can be divided into three phases, the first stage is the simple Seasonings, such as soy sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, 80 - l00 °, monosodium glutamate and natural flavor; The second stage is high and novel Seasonings, such as the improvement of the l20-400 ° of monosodium glutamate, sweeteners, yeast extract, HVP, HAP, animal and plant extract and edible flavoring, etc.; The third stage is compound seasonings, such as a variety of chicken, beef, shrimp, seasoning sauce, edible oil, flavors and so on, this phase of the seasoning versatile, including for table, cooking well and enhancing flavor, etc., and can be directly used in various ways, advantage is convenient, quick, open ready-to-use, save time and effort, and you can add a variety of nutrients, improve the quality of people's life and health level, and increase appetite and enjoyment.

Domestic Seasoning industry average annual growth of more than 20%, the middle-grade Seasonings grew by an average of more than 30%. The enrichment of Seasonings is established on the basis of meet the consumer demand.