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Consumption upgrade drive the Seasoning market (1)

Consumption upgrade drive the Seasoning market (1)

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Eggs Fried tomato with "good taste beauty" in tomato sauce, vegetable tofu soup combined with "le" thick Shang Boa, carrot and potato stewed with "the dream" curry halide, steamed grass carp out of the pot after drizzle "lee kumis kea" steamed fish in soy sauce. Have several dressing, so can make a table with the most common raw materials, flavor shape beauty, nutrition reasonable family dinner. Although main ingredient costs 20 Yuan, however, would take 7 Yuan, Seasoning but smart housewife still feel very economical, save time and effort, and overall cost little, to make the dish flavor.

From the supermarket to the table,Seasoningis more and more important position in daily life, especially in nearly a year or two, great changes have taken place.

(一) Seasoningmarket into the era of segmentation

Such as Wal-mart, Carrefour supermarkets in Beijing, extremely rich the kinds of spices, to occupy the entire row containers, such assoy sauce,vinegar, sauce, including Amoy, taste things, lee kumis kea, Haitian, B.B, brands, are broken down for their products. Such as soy sauce is divided into six of seven, with ribs sauce, dumplings sauce, barbecue sauce, Hou Zhu sauce, rice paste, etc. According to introducing, each sauce is suitable for food, such as barbecue ribs sauce if you have any suitable food, barbecue sauce for pickled food, whole Hou Zhu sauce for stew meat and vegetables, etc.

Soy sauce can be divided into a lot of kinds, now is no longer a bottle of soy sauce can go with all kinds of food before. Now, fish, meat and seafood, such as a variety of soy sauce, the soy sauce can make different kinds of food taste more delicious. According to introducing, soy sauce segmentation is mainly conducted on raw material and process.

The personage inside course of study says, with the improvement of living standard; people more and more attention to details of life. Seasoning market segmentation is to meet the change of people's life.