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The nutritional value analysis of Wasabi Powder

The nutritional value analysis of Wasabi Powder

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Wasabi Powder is a kind of grinding mustard mature seeds into spices. It is native to China, has a long history, since the Zhou Dynasty began at court. The spicy mustard is unique, mustard powder after wetting fragrance overflowing, strong excitant spiced with tear, to taste, smell all have simulative effect.


Wasabi Powder spicy strong, can stimulate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, has the work of appetizer, can enhance the person's appetite. Mustard has the very high detoxification function, to solve the fish crab is poisonous, so the raw salmon and other fresh food are often fitted with mustard. Mustard is the main components of the Moscow isothiocyanates. This composition can not only prevent tooth decay, and to prevent cancer, prevent blood clots, auxiliary treatment of asthma and other seems also to have certain effect. Mustard and prevent high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, reduce blood viscosity. Mustard oil has hairdressing to raise color effect. In the beauty industry, mustard oil is good massage oil.


 Applicable crowd

The average per capita edible.

 Suitable amount 

A little at a time.

Special tip

Wasabi Powder  should not be stored for a long time, when there is oil leakage and become bitter, do not have to continue to eat. Whether to add some sugar in the mustard or vinegar, can buffer spicy, and its flavor is better. Mustard has strong excitant, gastritis or peptic ulcer of diet. Mustard can "SOB", the eye inflammation of unfavorable edible. Do not eat too much at a time, so as not to hurt the stomach.

         Wasabi powder is our new developed product, our product quality can meet the requirements of Japan, many countries purchased wasabi powder imported from Japan for the most part, and our company hopes this new product can open the foreign market, slowly and gradually replace the Japanese mustard powder.