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The function of spray dried pumpkin powder and processing technology

The function of spray dried pumpkin powder and processing technology

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In recent years, the study found that people pumpkin is not only rich nutrition, and medicinal value, the development of pumpkin products has been increasingly brought to the attention of the developed countries in the world and domestic, as health food.

Pumpkin is rich in starch, fat, fatty acids, glucose, amino acid, carotene, ascorbic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, fenugreek bases, adenine, pentose, pectin, soluble vitamins, mannitol, beta-carotene, lateen, phosphorus and titanium, rich nutrition. Scientific studies have shown that pumpkins taste bitter, cold, is of strong anti-inflammatory, analgesic, liver, kidney, lower blood pressure, to promote lactation maternal, fill in beneficial gas. In the latest medical research proof, pumpkin pectin has significant curative effect in patients with digestive tract ulcer disease, and because of its can stick and eliminate the toxicity of bacteria in the body and other toxic substances, and has the effect of resistance to environmental toxins; Pumpkin for prevention and treatment of high blood pressure, and lack of breast disease curative effect is distinct; Has a good effect to treat constipation.

Processing technology of spray dried pumpkin powder process is: during pumpkin season, choose leather hard, long maturity, fleshy are orange squash, wash and go to tiffany, peeled, seeded. Cutting: the pumpkin processing, with straw cutter cut into pieces, boil into clean water, into a slurry, the machine temperature increased to around 150, spray drying, with machines into granular powder, the final packing inspection factory.

Spray dried pumpkin powderresidues can make pumpkin cakes, or made pumpkin, pumpkin flour paste. With pumpkin scraps from the mixed with 80% sucrose 20%, can be made into cakes. Will be 54% pumpkin powder and 46% GongShuFen made into paste, then add a small amount of alum and mix well, by fan machine can be pressed into the pumpkin fans, after cooked dried is the finished product.Pumpkin powder crystal made pumpkin beverage concentrate spray, mixed with tea, tea can be made into instant pumpkin, pumpkin cake, etc.