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Are no additives of food healthier?

Are no additives of food healthier?

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Food experts said: "Don’t add any additives processed foods, is unlikely to be of high quality, safe food." Someone very disgusted at the words, thought he was in sing hymns for additives. Don't anger, please pay attention to be said - he is in the premise of processed foods. If it is a natural food, of course, do not need to add additives. But for modern society in a frenzy of processed foods, it is not too much. Most use all ingredients of processed foods, if do not contain additives, almost can't do what we are looking forward to the taste and flavor of, or will soon spoil. Why is that? Because the expectation of modern standards are too high. To extraordinary fragrance, sweet, fresh and crisp, loose, soft, smooth, open bags of instant, not bad for a long time... This demanding, natural food never can reach.

     All kinds of packaging beautiful highly processed foods, it is difficult to completely leave food additives. Even if it is claimed that does not contain preservatives, not necessarily do not contain antioxidants; Even claim that does not contain pigments, is not equal to don't contain essence, also is not equal to not containing emulsifier, thickener, bulking agent and other additives. In many cases, if there is no suitable additives, processed foods, will only more insecure. Take instant noodles, oil into the air ten days will have clams, and Fried instant noodles, shelf life are half a year, and will not relish. Why is that? There are antioxidants. Oil in the air oxidation and take it for granted. If don't want to prevent oxidation, prevent free radicals that produced a great number of harmful to health, the value of what food?

In fact, some of the food since ancient times "traditional" food also need to rely on the anti-corrosion material. Salt and sugar are real traditional preservatives. Pickles not bad because a lot of salt, dried fruit not bad because a lot of sugar, candied fruit not bad because a lot of sugar and salt. Again, for example, those in the supermarket for a long time can you put into soy sauce, sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, shrimp paste, plum, words such as li, if there is no salt and sugar both "natural preservatives" help, bacteria and moulds quickly wiped out. High concentrations of salt to biological toxicity, produce high osmotic pressure also let life cells can't stand, so it can be anti-corrosion.

If consumers would not buy fresh raw material production, also requires food to save time is long, color beautiful, taste good, so, can only be peaceful coexistence and food additives. Without a desire of satisfy is don't have to pay the price. Want to save trouble, convenient, thought of mouth addiction, are a cost. Rather than businessman cheats consumers, consumers their devotion to color, flavor, devotion to "open a bag eat" convenience. So, food additiveson the application of the law, shall accept calmly, they certainly, the safety of the food delicious and convenient the contributions. But consumers should avoid excessive pursuit of taste, color, smell, accept food natural features, and scrutinize the ingredients on the package, so choose wisely. However, for a child, in food additives or less is better. Because their detoxification function is not perfect, composition, harmless for adults, too, may bring trouble to them. Besides, since the childhood after used to the taste and smell of additives to bring their feelings of natural food will be weak, even hard to accept. As for those who don't belong to legitimate food additives of harmful substances, such as melamine, Sudan red, DiaoBaiKuai ah, as long as add in food, should be severely punished by law. However, they came out of a pole and food additives, also dare not on food labels, said there is not much.

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