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The comparison of chicken essence and monosodium glutamate

The comparison of chicken essence and monosodium glutamate

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Chicken essence is fresh chicken and chicken bones and eggs as the raw material made of the composite increases fresh, aromatic spices. Can be used for all occasions, use a moderate amount of added to dishes, soups, pasta all can achieve results. In addition to containing sodium glutamate in chicken essence, even contain a variety of amino acids. It is both can increase people's appetite, and can provide certain nutrition of spices.

In the general population are edible, patients with high blood pressure and gout patients to eat less.

Nutritional analysis

1. Chicken is rich in nutrients, in addition to containing sodium glutamate, more contain a variety of amino acid, protein and vitamins, nutritional value is higher than in monosodium glutamate;

2. It can complement amino acids the human body, which is beneficial to improve and maintain brain function;

3. Because of its good flavor, which can increase the person's appetite;

4.Chicken essencecontains nucleotide, nucleotide metabolites is uric acid, so gout patients eat carefully.

The delicate flavors of the MSG commonly used in cooking condiments, which has two kinds of solid MSG and liquid monosodium glutamate. Liquid MSG is without monosodium glutamate concentrate into particles, catering to use solid MSG for common. Chemical name is sodium glutamate monosodium glutamate, the soybean, wheat flour and other material with high protein, made from starch fermentation, in addition to containing sodium glutamate also contains a small amount of salt, to how many containing sodium glutamate (90%, 95%, 90%, 95%), divided into various specifications.

Who recommended: adult MSG intake per person a day not more than 6 grams, memory disorder, is not suitable for high blood pressure; Pregnant women and infants and young children should not eat monosodium glutamate; The elderly and children are also unfavorable feed more.

Production director

1. To use fresh soup cooked dishes, need not use MSG, because stock itself already has the characteristics of fresh, sweet, clear, MSG is a kind of freshness, and its freshness and the delicate flavors of the stock also cannot equate, such as using the monosodium glutamate, flavor to cover up, the dishes taste is neither fish nor fowl;

2. The acidic food, such as: sweet and sour, vinegar, vinegar center groups, such as pepper, unfavorable use monosodium glutamate, because MSG is not easy to dissolve in acid, acid solubility is lower, the greater the freshness the effect of the worse;

3. When using crystal MSG mixed with cold dish, should use a small amount of hot water to melt, and then poured into the cold dishes, effect is good, because MSG can play a role in 45 , if the crystal directly mixed with cold dish, not easy to mix evenly, influence the MSG raises fresh;

4. Cook use monosodium glutamate, should join in dish up, because at high temperatures, focal monosodium glutamate, MSG will be broken down into dehydrated sodium glutamate, instead of freshness, but also can produce mild toxins, harm human body.

5. MSG when using, should grasp the dosage, not the more the better, it is 3000 times water dilution degrees, people's sense of taste of monosodium glutamate is 0.033%, when use, with about 1500 times as appropriate, such as the quantity was too much, can make the food produced in seems to become, like be not acerbity taste, cause the opposite effect;

6. Monosodium glutamate in normal temperature is not easy to dissolve, dissolve in 70 ~ 90 degrees, the best freshness the foot, more than 100 degrees when MSG is vapor evaporated, more than 130 degrees, namely metamorphism is focal sodium glutamate, instead of freshness, also can produce toxicity, to stew, burn, boil, boil, steamed vegetables, should not be too early to put MSG, when will be out of the pot into.

7. Materials containing alkaline unfavorable use monosodium glutamate, MSG back will encounter alkali synthesis of disodium glutamate, produces ammonia smell.