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Seasoning industry will develop to the "small and exquisite"

Seasoning industry will develop to the "small and exquisite"

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Past capital markets often ignore theseasoning industry, because in the past the main seasoningenterprises producing bulk pure taste, more profits, general management, lack of good listed companies, second, some serious drag on the main condiment enterprise diversification development. Listed companies as the future increase in the number of outstanding enterprises (especially the Haitian sauce) will enter the capital market, capital market to condiments will know again.

In fact,soy sauce, vinegar, pickles industry in the past "so" quantity and price trend in the future will be more obvious. 2013 spice overall 22% annual growth rate, consumption amount faster than the overall growth rate of 16% FMCG, research report also says:seasoningindustry income, net profit is expected to be high growth for a long time, more than expected. Reflect on individual stocks, in the torch high and new, hen shun vinegar industry, filing pickle's share price rose by 139%, 88% and 60%, respectively, in 2013.

      In the new urbanization makes the urban population increase, the residents income under the background of multiplication, bibcock company growth came mainly from two aspects: one is the dosage of incremental contribution of catering market will be the main power of industry growth, food and beverage market growth is expected to as consumer upgrades and process to maintain the higher income, mainly because of food and beverage industry guided by per capita consumer spending and urbanization rate, and the two factors in the long run will be improved. Second, condiment brand utility will continue to appear, household consumption's contribution to the industry growth will continue to improve.

Seasoningcategory sales from soy sauce > > other seasonings, vinegar "soy sauce" will chat from one language into the way of investment. Various brands of soy sauce on the market, is multifarious, Haitian steamed fish lobster sauce is a representative of the condiment industry product segmentation. Condiment industry development situation is very considerable, small and exquisite products are expected to become the new growth point.

    Proving inconclusive, the leading enterprises in the traditional condiments have long-term investment value. Condiment of consumer demand, the economic impact is far lower than the other food, relative to the wine and other consumer goods increase higher stability. Tapping point of view, due to the leading enterprises have a stronger ability to raise prices, price rises every time more than raw material rises progressively higher gross margins and profitability in the growing process, and the industry concentration ascending space and reliability is very large.