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How to match seasonings to live a healthy life?(3)

How to match seasonings to live a healthy life?(3)

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Efforts to the pursuit of fresh, taste is the diet of a delicious, which can makes people produce comfortable and pleasant feeling. Umami mainly from amino acids, nucleotides and succinic acid.

Chicken essence is fresh chicken, chicken bones, fresh eggs as basic material made of the composite increases fresh, aromatic seasoning. Chicken essence can be used for all occasions, use a moderate amount of added to dishes, soups, pasta all can reach the effect, which effect is more obvious on the soup. Chicken essence is rich in nutrients, such as abundant amino acid, protein and vitamin, etc.


1. Chicken essence itself contains the teens salt, use less salt.

2. Because of chicken essence containing nucleotide, nucleotide when uric acid metabolites, so should use less gout patients.

3. Chicken solubility is monosodium glutamate is poor, if does not use in the soup to eat, should be dissolved to use again.

4. The chicken with salt and moisture absorption, pay attention to the sealing after using, or nutritious chicken will grow a large number of microorganisms, and contaminated food.

Categories: divided into normal and enhanced.

How to choose: choose a good brand


   To sum up, it's essential to choose a good brand, our company produces chicken essence is a good brand, we have produced chicken essence for many years, which is trustworthy supplier of seasoning.