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Is instant noodles safe to eat

Is instant noodles safe to eat

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Instant noodles have taken a very important role in people’s life. When you are very busy and don’t have time to cook, you would choose instant noodles. It is very common for office worker eating instant noodles and you may hear the news that some office worker is too busy and just eat instant noodles and then he dies. The news maybe creepy, but the word about the disadvantages of the safety of instant noodles is spreads widely. For example, you may read the sentence that it takes 30 days for your liver to remove the toxic of one bag of instant noodles. Yes, instant noodles are not nutritive, but are they unsafe as it is said? I’d like to talk something about it.

1, the production process of instant noodles

Knead dough→ripening→press and spread→cut to silk→boil→cut→fry→cool→package

2, about the safety

According to the report, there are 25 food additives in instant noodles. I’m not sure about its’ authenticity, but I believe formal factories would follow the national regulation to add proper food additives. By the way, soy sauce powder, HVP powder, rice vinegar powder, etc. are not food additives, they are food ingredients.

Food additives are everywhere, they are in coco cola, in jelly even in mineral water. Compare with other food products, instant noodles is not so creepy.

After all, instant noodles are not nutritive, so it is not good to eat them every day or every month.

3, the future of instant noodles.

I think in a long time instant noodles will still take a large market share in food products. Compare with rice, they are convenience to carry and eat. But since people are developing instant rice, I think in the near future, the ratio of instant noodles and instant rice in the market would be half to half.