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Compound powdered seasoning

Compound powdered seasoning

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Mix different kind of powder ingredients such as soy sauce powder, HVP powder, chicken powder, etc. together in a certain proportion according their function, you will get a new flavor. When you know all the function of different food ingredients very well you can make the ideal flavor with mixing them.

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The function of different food ingredients is very different, you have to know well of them so you can make the flavor what you want with them. For example, salt is the foundation of seasoning, fresh is the soul and fragrance is the centre of seasoning. The direction of the development of seasoning is nutritious and natural. Instant seasoning can be divided into three kinds: powdered seasoning, oil seasoning, sauce seasoning and dried vegetable. In this article, I’d like to say something about powdered seasoning.

1, the raw material of powdered seasoning

There are so many kinds of seasoning, according to their function, they can be divided into salt, sweet, fresh, spices, oil, colorant, etc.

Salt is a very important seasoning, it’s the foundation of all the flavors; fresh is the key in the seasoning, it can give the seasoning a natural flavor, expect MSG, chicken powder, I+G also has the fresh flavor. The most important sweet seasoning is white sugar, proper sugar can cover the bitter flavor; spices can improve the flavor, spray dried onion powder and spray dried garlic powder are all the spices; colorant contains caramel, soy sauce powder, etc.

2, design the formula

According to the flavor of different seasoning you can design the formula. Use proper spices to form the smell you want; proper salt and sugar to form the main flavor; use soy sauce powder, caramel, etc. to form the color you want.

3, differences in places and time

In winter, people like to eat strong flavor, the seasoning should be salt and fresh. In summer and autumn, people like light flavor, the seasoning should be sweet and less salty. In the north of China, people like to eat strong flavor, while in south China, people like sweet flavor.