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Chinese chicken powder industry

Chinese chicken powder industry

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Current Chinese chicken powder industry

In developed country such as Europe and America, the consumer volume of chicken powder takes 80% of all the umami seasoning consumer volume, while in China, the ration is 1:9 by 2008, 1:4 by 2012. According to the report of Ajinomoto which is a Japanese company, in the future 5-10 years, the yield and sales volume of chicken powder can reach 500-600 thousands, based on this report, we can see that there is a big space for Chinese chicken powder market.

The development of chicken powder comes from the increasing of people’s living standard, the development of restaurant industry and food production industry. In 2008, the sales volume of Chinese chicken powder is 148 thousand ton, in 2010, it is 235 thousand ton, in 2012, it is 364 thousand ton.

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The state of chicken powder in the seasoning industry

Learn from the world we can find that in the seasoning industry, even the smallest product can make a big industry. The total business turnover of seasoning takes 10% of that of the whole food production industry. In 2008, the sales volume of Chinese seasoning is over 10 million ton. The sales income increases from 38 billion to almost 100 billion.

 The start of chicken powder production begins in the 90s in the last century, with 10 years development, the industry standard was published in 2004 and 2007. Now, new brand of chicken powder comes out every day, we can say, that in seasoning industry, chicken powder is becoming more and more important. Chicken powder is much umami than MSG and it’s harmless to human body, it even contains a lot of nutrition. It’s a natural seasoning, and it is inevitable that chicken powder will replace MSG. Now, MSG is mostly used in food production industry, while in families and restaurants, people use it less and less. In Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other developed place, the sales volume of chicken powder is the same as MSG.

The export and import of chicken powder

At the very beginning, the production of chicken powder in China is very little, part of it depends on import. After that, with the development of our technology, we can produce enough chicken powder for our own country.

In the aspect of export, the sales volume of export is not very large because in different place people like different flavor. While with the advantage of the rich resource in China, the overseas market will be our new economic growth point.