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Chicken powder of Shanghai Hensin Industry

Chicken powder of Shanghai Hensin Industry

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What is chicken powder

Most people think chicken powder as chicken stock cube in powder form because it has the same function as chicken stock cube. The basic food ingredients in them are both chicken, MSG, salt and so on. It is used as a chicken flavor enhancer, it gives your dishes a rich, savory and meaty flavor. Chicken powder is widely used in instant noodles, gravy mixes, soup bases, breading and stuffing. Chicken Powder is also known as Chicken Meal, Dehydrated Cooked Chicken, Powdered Cooked Chicken.


Chicken powder is widely used in many cuisines from Mexico (Knorr Suiza powder) to the Philippines to Vietnam to Somalia (Maggi cubes). Chicken liver powder which is also a kind of chicken powder is a very good pet food ingredient in dog food and cat food.


The main ingredients of chicken powder in Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd. are pure chicken powder, MSG, salt, yeast powder, yolk powder, etc. Therefore, those trying to avoid eating MSG may not want to consume foods with chicken powder.

Chicken powder in Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd. are produced under very strict controls, we use pure chicken powder as main material and don’t add any chicken spice in it, so our product is definitely safe. But vegetarians may don’t want to eat our chicken powder.

Our chicken powder contains about 30% salt, so if you have used it in your meals, please add less salt.


The main material of our chicken powder is pure grinded chicken and skin, then through spray drying process, it became powder form. During the process, we add proper salt, MSG, spices and other seasoning to form a better flavor.