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Food ingredients formulas of several flavors

Food ingredients formulas of several flavors

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Here are some food ingredients formulas of several different flavors

Tomato flavor: 20g salt, 26g white sugar, 9g glucose, 8g MSG, 1g lemon acid, 4g yeast extract, 1g soy sauce powder, 0.1g mnascus red pigment, 0.3g tomato spice, 30g tomato powder.

Hot pepper flavor: 15g salt, 28g white sugar, 7g glucose, 8g MSG, 0.4g I+G, 13g chili powder, 1.5g pepper powder, 0.5g ginger powder, 3g yeast extract, 2g soy sauce powder, 10g pork meat powder, 8g chicken meat powder, 2g malt dextrin.

California stake flavor: 23g salt, 25 white sugar, 8g MSG, 0.3g I+G, 0.5g chili powder, 1.5g garlic powder, 0.5g pepper powder, 3g yeast extract, 1.5g soy sauce powder, 16g beef powder, 5g chicken powder, 0.5g beef spice, 15g malt dextrin.

These formulas can apply to different kind of puffed food and snacks. According to different products, choose different kind of food ingredients and spices, you can make various flavor.