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Hensin spray dried garlic

Hensin spray dried garlic

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The preservation and dehydrated technology of garlic powder in China is much advanced than that of other countries. Though America, India, Egypt, South America also trade garlic powder, however their quality can’t match with that of China. Since 1980, China started to export garlic, a lot of enterprises who produce spray dried garlic powder appeared. During many years’ competition, not many enterprises form their own brand. If a enterprise want to get a good reputation on spray dried garlic powder market, the most important is the high quality. Shanghai Hensin Industry, which experienced so much test of the market, it build a perfect supply chain. We persist in good quality and low price to get the trust and support from our clients.

The material of spray dried garlic powder of our company is from Jinxiang, Shandoing province. Jinxiang has the largest output and the best quality garlic in China. Through peeling, cleaning, grinding, mixing, emulsification and spray dried, the spray dried garlic powder is produced. To keep the garlic powder from lumping, we add proper malt dextrin. We don’t add any other food additives in spray dried garlic powder except malt dextrin.

Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd hopes to get trust and support from more clients. We are looking forward to establishing long-term business relationship with more clients in the future.