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The cheapest HVP powder

The cheapest HVP powder

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The technology of HVP powder in Japan, Korea and other developed countries is more mature than others and the application is also more widely than other countries. However, developed countries don’t produce HVP powder on their own, this is because their cost is much higher than developing countries.

HVP powder

Gluten free HVP powder

HVP powder is hydrolyzed by HCl, the raw material is soy beans, wheat and corn. Different consumer has their own demands about HVP powder, so the raw material will be a little different. For example, some special consumers demand HVP powder for them should be gluten free, so you can’t use wheat and corn as raw material.

Non-GMO HVP powder

According with the upgrade of GM technology, the scientists have successfully developed GMO crops. These crops are widely planted in America, Japan and other developed countries. At the same time, the scientists also bring up some potential hazards of GMO products such as it may causes environmental problems, so, a lot of people keep a suspect attitude to the GMO products, which include soy sauce. So, HVP powder for these consumers should be non-GMO.

The cheapest HVP powder

With rich experiences, the technology in China of production of HVP powder is mature enough. There is a lot large scale HVP powder manufacturer in China, they export a big amount of HVP powder to the world. Now, China has the biggest output of HVP powder in the world. This due to two reasons: first, the good quality; second, the cheap price. Large production scale and low price labor have save much money for Chinese entrepreneurs, not mention the cheap raw material. Some large scale companies have formed their own industry chain with years efforts, they can control every single production step. It is very help for decrease the cost, these companies have more advantage in price.