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chicken stock cube

chicken stock cube

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Mushroom with green vegetable porridge, it seems very delicious. While, how to make it? Actually it is more simply than it looks. The secret ingredients of making it is the chicken stock cube.

To make a bowl of delicious chicken mushroom porridge, you just need a little chicken stock cube. There are five steps to finish this recipe.

First, prepare 100 g rice, one green vegetable, one pleurotus eryngii, 10 g chicken stock cube.

Second, steep rice in water for 1 hour in advance, it will be easier to stew. Then stew rice to medium well.

Third, cut the green vegetable and pleurotus eryngii to slices, then put them into a wok and fry to medium well.

Four, put the pleurotus eryngii, vegetable and 10 g chicken stock cube into the medium well rice, stirring well and stew for 5 minutes.

Five, fill the porridge in a bowl, then the chicken mushroom porridge is OK! This porridge is not very salty, if you want more salt, you can add more chicken stock cube to it.

It is very simple to make chicken mushroom porridge, you just need a little rice, one green vegetable, one pleurotus eryngii and one 10 g chicken stock cube. The key of this porridge is the concentration of chicken stock cube, it handles all the chicken flavor. You can add it proper according to your own needs.