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The right way of using vinegar

The right way of using vinegar

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China is the earliest country to use grain to brew vinegar. Early in 8 century BC there is record about vinegar in China. At south and north dynasty, there is a large production and sales volume of vinegar. It is the result of wisdom of Chinese from generation to generation, it has an important role in Chinese food culture.

The advantage of eating vinegar

It contains high value nutrition, such as 18 amino acids, GLU, fructose, maltose and kinds of minerals, they are all the essential material during metabolism. Especially, vinegar is very important as a kind of seasoning. To sum up, there are four advantages of using vinegar.

1.       Enhance the flavor

Vinegar is a good flavor enhancer, the simplest way to use vinegar is making vegetable salad. Vinegar vegetable salad can be an appetizer especially for people who have poor appetite if they eat some vinegar vegetable salad before meal. Vinegar can also stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, thus improve digestion.

2.       Take part place of salt

Vinegar is healthier to your body than salt, the good news is that vinegar can take part place of salt. As we all know, salt can cause high blood pressure and fat. If your eat much salt, it will be better to replace part with vinegar.

3.       Prolong the shelflife

Rice vinegar contains 0.4%-0.6% of acetate, which can stop the fertilizing of various bacteria. It is a good way to prevent yourself from catching flu by eating vinegar.

4.       Decrease the bad smell

Vinegar is a good seasoning to decrease the bad smell when you are cooking fish, animal internal organ.

There is a popular saying among middle-old aged people that vinegar can soften vessels thus prevent them from high blood pressure. Sadly, it is not true. It is right that vinegar can dissolve blood calcium, but high blood pressure is not simply caused by high concentration of blood calcium. Also there is no evidence in the world which demonstrate vinegar can lower blood pressure.