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Star products of Hensin

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With 10 more years exploring and improvement, Hensin Industry has found its own position in the market. Hensin Industry slowly realizes its advantages via working with our domestic and overseas clients and establishes a prestige enterprise image and develops our star products. These are our star products: soy sauce powder series, HVP/HAP powder series, soup stock cube series, chicken essence, fresh salt.
Soy sauce powder series: we started to produce this series of products at the very beginning of our company in 2002. We have almost tried every formula of soy sauce powder during these years. The CEO of our company, Mr Lianghong Jin first developed instant soy sauce powder and soon got a large market share. Till now on, we can make all kinds of soy sauce powder with stable quality.
HVP/HAP powder series: this products’ production technoloy was brought from Korean, which country has the most advanced HVP/HAP powder production technology. Through years learning and development in Korean enterprise before we start our own company, we’ve got the complete technology and then using it in our own business. With 10 years constant efforts, we’ve got mature technology and rich experence. Just send us your sample, and we will copy it precisely.
Soup stock cube series: we produce three kinds of soup stock cubes: chicken stock cube, beef stock cube, seafood stock cube. These three stock cube products is just a part of what we can make. If you need any fomula of stock cube, just send us your fomula or a sample, we will produce it without any mistake.
Chicken essence and fresh salt: have the same advantages as above mentioned. These two products enjoy tremendous popularity of our domestic and overseas clients and have got great sales volume from year to year.
Other products:
We’ve been here, sincerely hope to expand our export market, we welcome you to contact us and establish business relationship with us.