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The supply and demand of chicken powder

The supply and demand of chicken powder

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The main market demand of chicken powder<-a> is from restaurant, families and food production industry.<-span><-span><-p>

1, restaurants<-span><-span><-strong><-p>

Restaurant industry is the main market for chicken powder. The sales volume to restaurant industry of chicken powder takes about 70% of the whole sales volume, we can say that restaurant industry is the most important market for chicken powder. While, restaurant industry can be divided into three levels in detail: high level, middle level and low level. High level restaurant industry use lot of chicken powder, but there are not so many high level restaurant, the sales volume to high level restaurant industry takes 30% of the sales volume to the whole restaurant industry. There are many middle level restaurants, so they use most chicken powder. The sales volume of chicken powder to middle level restaurant takes about 50% of the whole sales volume. While in low level restaurant, to decrease the cost, the owners use less chicken powder, the sales volume of low level restaurant takes about 20% of the whole sales volume.<-span><-span><-p>

2, families<-span><-span><-strong><-p>

From the history of the development of chicken powder, we can see that chicken powder is first used in restaurants and then it was brought to families. Now, more and more people pay attention to the safety of foods, consider the health of their family member, most people would like to use chicken powder other than MSG. According to the report, in developed places, 80% people are agree with that chicken powder is a natural and full of nutrition seasoning. In 2008, the average consumption in developed place of chicken powder is 2.7 kg, which is less than 50% of the developed countries, while in undeveloped places, especially in rural, the average consumption is not more than 0.2 kg.<-span><-span><-p>

3, food production industry<-span><-span><-strong><-p>

Food production industry is developing fast now, it has a large quantity demand of seasoning. As a kind of both tasty and delicious seasoning, chicken powder is used in many aspects of food production industry.<-span><-span><-p>

All in all, delicious flavor is very important for food, when people are eating, they do not only want to eat delicious food but also healthy and full of nutrition food, it’s the trend of food industry, while chicken powder can satisfy the demands much better than MSG, so it takes place of MSG in a few years. In the future, chicken powder would be used in various aspects of food industry, as a kind of food ingredient<-a> or seasoning<-a>.<-span><-span><-p>