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Chicken powder

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Chicken powder is also called chicken essence, uses chicken, eggs, chicken bones and so on, is a kind of with fresh chicken, chicken bones, fresh eggs as basic material, through cooking, decompression, extracting juice, salt, sugar, MSG (monosodium glutamate), chicken powder, spices, insomniac acid, guanylic acid, chicken essence of materials such as composite with freshness of composite increases fresh, aromatic, chicken flavor seasoning, etc as the raw material which is produced by a special process of dressing, it begins with a delicious, unique gradually replace monosodium glutamate into the thousands.

Chicken essence is a kind of monosodium glutamate, developed by the monosodium glutamate; the improvement is 2 times more than sodium glutamate. Chicken is a kind of compound freshness agents, is the spice of everyday use. Because the chicken essence contains freshness nucleotides as a fresh agent, has strong increase fresh, delicate flavors such as nucleoside as increase fresh agent, has strong increase fresh, delicate flavors such as nucleic acids and pure MSG if 5 according to the proportion of mixed, the mixture freshness is about 6 times of pure MSG freshness. As a result, the fresh degree of the chicken essence can break through 100 degrees (the fresh degree of the pure MSG for 100 as a basic rule) limit: the improvement of the traditional monosodium glutamate is 99 degrees, and the improvement of the chicken essence can reach more than 150 degrees. In order to achieve it, the general amount of freshness agents of chicken essence about 25-35%.

The chicken powder in chicken essence is a special process with yeast extract the juice from the chicken, the juice after processing to become chicken powder, the biggest characteristic is can dissolve in water, but the extraction of complex and high technical requirement. "The most important function of chicken powder is richer, and therefore more expensive than the same weight of monosodium glutamate. Under the temptation of profit, some in the production of chicken essence in order to save cost or lower prices, with less or no chicken powder, and even the use of chemical synthesis of chicken essence, but still in chicken sales in the name.

        Chicken powder is a kind of compound seasoning , it is the basic ingredient of on the basis of containing 40% of monosodium glutamate, add fresh aid, salt, sugar, chicken powder, spices, chicken flavor composition such as essence, contain a variety of amino acids. Is mainly composed of sodium glutamate, flavor nucleotide disodium, edible salt, chicken, chicken bone powder or concentrated extract as the basic raw material, add flavor type (or not added), fu, after mixing, granulating, drying is a kind of compound seasoning products. Chicken essence according to the form and can be divided into powder, granule, block, but is given priority to with granular.