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Production of mixed seasoning powder

Production of mixed seasoning powder

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Technological process                                                                                                      <-span><-span><-strong><-p>

Materials – acceptance check – pretreatment – mix – sieving or granulation – inspection – packaging – products<-span><-span><-p>

mixed seasoning powder<-span><-span>HVP powder<-a>soy sauce powder<-a>instant soy sauce powder<-a><-p>


The quality of all the materials such as HVP powder<-a>, soy sauce powder<-a>, spices, chicken powder<-a>, sugar, salt, etc. should follow the national standard. Before used, the raw material should go through the process of clean, drying, shatter, sieving, enzymolysis, filter, concentration, etc.<-span><-span><-p>


Firstly, mix the rice vinegar powder<-a>, soy sauce powder, yeast extract, spices, chicken powder and other seasonings together. This process should be finished in 10 minutes; secondly, mix the salt, sugar, MSG and others together, this process should be finished in 3-5 minutes. During the process of mix, add proper liquid fat when stirring. After that, mix the two powders in process one and process two together and add proper antitackiness agent and keep stirring for 5-6 minutes.<-span><-span><-p>

Sieving or granulation<-span><-span><-strong><-p>

If you are producing powder formed seasoning, then you can get your product after the process of sieving; if you want granular products, then you should add proper water or certain kind of concentration and then make it into granular form, at last, make it dry again (moisture 6%) and then sieving.<-span><-span><-p>


All batches of the products should be inspected before packaging. The products pass the inspection should be packaged as the standard. The packaging material should have the good function of moisture proof, oxygen proof and sunlight proof.<-span><-span><-p>

Key control point<-span><-span><-strong><-p>

    1.   Control of ambient humidity<-span><-span><-p>

The moisture of mixed seasoning powder<-a> should be about 5%. Mixed seasoning powder has a strong ability of absorbency, so the ambient humidity should be under 70%.<-span><-span><-p>

    2.   Control of hygiene standard<-span><-span><-p>

Because there are no heat treatment during the production of mixed seasoning powder, so the hygiene condition of the production environment should be controlled strictly.<-span><-span><-p>