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Difference between chicken powder and MSG

Difference between chicken powder and MSG

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1, 40% of food ingredients in chicken powder is salt, so be careful about it when cooking.

2, chicken powder contains nucleotides, the metabolite of it is uric acid, so people suffer gout should decrease the amount using chicken powder.

3, the solvability of chicken powder is not as well as MSG, so fully solute it into water before use it to make soup or dish.

4, chicken powder contains a lot of salt and is high moisture material, so keep it sealed after use.

As seasoning, chicken powder and MSG can be used safely in general, but the key point is don’t use too much and heat it on big fire for a long time.

Good quality chicken powder contains real chicken, while bad quality chicken powder contains part of chicken spice instead of chicken. It is very easy to tell good quality chicken powder from the bad ones, just read the tag on it.

While good quality MSG contains 99% monosodium glutamate, the bad ones are blended with salt, flour and other ingredients.