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Safety of HVP powder

Safety of HVP powder

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In 1988, European started to query the safety of HVP powder<-a> because they found low concentration of 3-MCPD and 3-DCP, which are suspected to be cancerogenic substance and fertility inhibitor.<-p>

In America, FDA has not made an explanation for DCP in HVP powder, but they are considering observing it for a certain period. While The American association of hydrolyzed vegetable protein Producers has recommended its members to control the concentration of 3-MCPD under 2.5 ppm. While in Europe, companies which produce HVP have made it under 0.5 ppm successfully and the concentration of 2-DCP in European is under 0.05 ppm. However the decrease of hazardous substance would bring a lot increase to the cost.<-p>

Not so many HVP powder manufacturers can meet the quality demand of Europe, while Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd.<-a> make it. Our HVP powder is of high quality and low price, we have high nitrogen HVP powder<-a> in which the nitrogen concentration is above 5% and low nitrogen HVP powder<-a> in which the nitrogen concentration is about 2-2.5%.<-p>