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Will chicken powder replace MSG

Will chicken powder replace MSG

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chicken powder<-a><-p>

Many kinds of chicken powder <-a>have appeared on the market, and the number of people who buy it will keep increasing, it seems it is going to replace MSG. However, what is the difference between chicken powder and MSG? what food is suitable for chicken powder? What food is suitable for MSG? The following is the comparison and some guidance of using them:<-p>

1 chicken powder is a kind of mixed seasoning<-a> using fresh eggs, fresh chicken, chicken bone as basic material, through cooking, juice after decompression, add salt, sugar, MSG (monosodium glutamate), chicken powder, spices guanylic acid, inosinic acid and chicken flavor fragrance materials such as compound chicken flavor seasoning.<-p>

2 chicken powder is applicable for all occasions, you can add proper chicken powder to soup, pasta, dishes. It contains a variety of spices, it’s taste is comprehensive coordination. Because of its salt, seasoning, you should add less salt when cooking.<-p>

3 most factory do not make chicken dosage recommendations, or just let you eat without dosage limit according to your appetite to replace MSG. At most, they will give you a recipe of soup in which it says “put 20 g chicken powder in 1 liter boiling water”.<-p>

4 MSG is soluble in water, so in general it will be better to add MSG in dish before cooking. If you heating MSG for a long time, a small portion of it will loss water to form coke sodium glutamate, coke sodium glutamate is harmless, but it does not have the fresh flavor. However, the usage of chicken powder seems much easy.<-p>