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The status of Chinese seasoning market

The status of Chinese seasoning market

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Seasoning appears in people’s three meals every day, it is inevitable to us. The sale of seasoning increases steadily. Take soy sauce as an example, the sale increase of January to May is 12.6%, but the unit price increase is about 6.8%, which is higher than CIP, at the same time, the revenue of soy sauce and vinegar market is increased by 20%, which is more quickly than sales increase. All these increase is because of the products upgrade and more consumer choose top brands which lead to higher unit price.

According to our research, traditional high-end products and new products bring the consumption increase to seasoning<-a> markets. It will take a long time for the products to be high-end if we think it from unit price perspective. For example, the unit price range of traditional hot pot seasoning cube, no dustily seasoning cube<-a> to herb seasoning cube is 4.5 yuan to 10 more yuan, but there are still many consumers choose high price seasoning cubes. Another example is the price of soy sauce. There are fresh soy sauce, very fresh soy sauce<-a>, soy sauce for red cook and other, the unit price of some main stream arise from 5 yuan to 10 yuan. The proportion of no more than 8 yuan soy sauce is still under 20%, there is a lot space for high-end products.

For the foreign companies, there advantages are seasoning blends and western seasoning. However, sadly they do not get a good place in Chinese traditional seasoning markets. The reason may be the following: one, China have it’s own top seasoning brands, which stop the growing of foreign seasoning companies; two, foreign companies can’t be adapted to Chinese selling mode very well; three, the products of foreign companies is not accord with Chinese food culture. We can see this from the beverage market. Even foreign beverage like coffee, latte is very popular in Chinese market, but they are still not more well received as honey tea.