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Brewed soy sauce and blended soy sauce

Number of visits: Date:2013-07-30

Soy sauce is a special seasoning on Asian’s dining table. People often use soybeans as the main material and add proper water, salt through fermentation process, we get soy sauce. The soy sauce of different country and different region is brewed by different materials and food ingredients, so their flavors are also different.

There are two kinds of soy sauce: brewed soy sauce and blended soy sauce. Brewed soy sauce is made from soybeans or wheat; while blended soy sauce is using brewed soy sauce as the main material and mix with HVP powder (hydrolyzed vegetable protein powder) and food additives.

If measure from color, flavor and nutrition value, the quality of brewed soy sauce will be better than blended soy sauce. The key point of soy sauce quality is total nitrogen (TN) concentration. The more total nitrogen it contains, the better the quality will be.

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