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Food ingredients for Puffed food

Number of visits: Date:2013-08-01

Food ingredients are widely used in puffed food. In the recent years, Chinese puffed food market develops rapidly, there are various potato chips, shrimp chips, rice crust and other products in the supermarket. These products are produced by spraying technology. The flavor of puffed food mostly depends on the food ingredients in it, that means, the key point of production of puffed food is flavor technology.

The food ingredients most often used in puffed food are soy sauce powder, MSG, HVP powder, potato powder, rice vinegar powder, garlic powder, starch, milk powder, onion powder, salt, etc.

People mix different kinds of food ingredients together to get a certain flavor and then paint it on the surface of the products through spraying process. It forms a thin layer of food ingredients out of puffed food.

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