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The secret behind the pet food tag

Number of visits: Date:2013-08-02

Usually, after we buying a bag of dog food or cat food, we unpack it directly without any look of the tag and give it to our pet. However, you may like to read it because it tells you the nutrition of your pet food, but you can’t know the ingredients proportion exactly from the tag.

Actually, the labeling rule of pet food is much strict than human food. For example, strawberry biscuit for human may just contain a little concentration of strawberry, while beef meal for dog food must contain 95% or above beef and chicken food or mutton food for dog contain 25% or above chicken liver powder and mutton, duck and potato meal for dog must contain 25% or above duck and potato, and the potato concentration must not be under 3%. But if you read “chicken flavor” on your pet food tag, that means your dog can taste chicken flavor from the food, there is no chicken concentration limit of it.

Dogs or cats always like meat flavor food, if you read chicken liver powder or HAP powder on the tag, then the food will be your first choice, because they give the pet food a strong meat smell.

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